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Liesl + Co. Sewing Patterns for Women’s Clothing

Liesl + Co. develops brands that are loved by home sewing enthusiasts and retailers.

Get to know our patterns

You can find all our Liesl + Co. apparel sewing patterns in the Oliver + S shop.

Learn to sew with us

We have a large collection of resources available to get you started sewing and to help improve your sewing skills.

Visit the Oliver + S blog

Visit the Oliver + S blog

Our Oliver + S blog provides a world of sewing inspiration and information to spark your creativity and help you take your sewing skills to the next level.

Discover our other pattern brands

In addition to our Liesl + Co. patterns, we create sewing patterns under three different brands:

  • Oliver + S patterns for children’s apparel

  • Lisette patterns for women’s clothing

  • Straight Stitch Society patterns for small projects

All these brands are available in the Oliver + S shop.

Oliver + S Sewing Patterns for Children
Lisette Sewing Patterns for Women
Straight Stitch Society Sewing Patterns

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